Over The Bar Chin-up Challenge

There’s no feeling quite like the one from pulling yourself over a chin-up bar for the very first time.


I remember the exhilarating moment I completed my first unassisted chin-up like it was yesterday.


I had been working on chin-ups as my number one fitness goal for ALMOST TWO YEARS.


I wanted to be able to do one so badly. I always thought women who could do them not only looked so strong, but seemed so darn confident too. Like they could conquer anything.


The day I pulled my own bodyweight over the bar was one of my proudest gym moments, and it still remains my biggest fitness accomplishment to date.


I just wish that someone I knew was there to see it happen as I giddily climbed down from the bar, haha! 


Me leaving the gym after performing my first unassisted chin-up years ago!

You might be wondering what’s so special about performing a chin-up.


I can tell you from both firsthand experience and from helping my clients master their chin-ups too, that pulling your own bodyweight over the bar supercharges your confidence like CRAZY, gives you a sense of empowerment, and makes you think about what else you might be able to conquer… both in and out of the gym.


Plus, chin-ups just make you feel really freaking strong and badass!


I honestly get chills every single time I witness a client completely in their power as they pull themselves over the bar for the very first time. It lights up something within them, and it gives them a taste of the abilities they possess. It ignites a drive to keep going and to keep trying new things with an “I can” attitude.


Because being able to do chin-ups is pretty freaking awesome, and because I feel so passionate about helping women realize how empowering chin-ups can be, I am making it my mission to help as many women as possible get over the bar.



I am thrilled to introduce
my FREE 5-day #OverTheBar
Chin-up Challenge!

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It will all start on Monday, October 16th, and over the course of five days, I will teach you *exactly* what you can do to start working toward your first unassisted chin-up, no matter what your current fitness level is


Just because you can’t do one yet doesn’t mean there aren’t chinning variations that you can be doing in the meantime that will help you get there. 


On the flip side, if you CAN already do an unassisted chin-up doesn’t mean you can’t improve your existing chin-up strength and do more chin-ups!


Here’s how the challenge will work: 

  • > Each day, I will post a video demonstrating different chin-up progressions. We’ll start with more basic variations and get more advanced as the week goes on.
  • > After each video is shared, your challenge is to give that day’s progression a try, and then I will be available to coach you on tweaks and form. This is the type of access my 1:1 clients get, and I want you to take advantage of it for these five days! 
  • > Each day, I will also be hosting a daily LIVE discussion with all of my best chinning tips and educating you on the exact things I wish I knew when I started out on my chin-up journey. At the end of each LIVE chat, I will be available to answer any questions you have about each day’s video and supplemental discussion topic.
  • > At the end of the challenge, participants will receive early and discounted access into my next program, Learn to Lift, launching to the public on Monday, October 30th. 

“My first chin up was so empowering for me because my entire life I didn’t think it was possible. Athena made that goal a reality for me in a short 6 months! Her perseverance and creativity around training for a chin up was very achievable, encouraging, and exactly what I needed to get over the bar. It was epic!”
-Karina, over the bar 12/31/16

“Training with Athena is so refreshing. My goals have less to do with physical changes and everything to do with mental and physical strength. So liberating!
-Bethany, over the bar 4/6/17

I receive emails and messages from women all the time looking for help with their chin-up journeys. Many know my own story, and it makes me SO HAPPY to see so many women tackling impressive strength goals like this.


Getting your first chin-up is HARD WORK, and it can take a long time. 


And I GET IT. I understand how frustrating it can be if it feels like your progress is taking forever. I know because I’ve been there! It took me almost two years, remember?


But I want you to let me help you get there SOONER. I want you to learn from my missteps, and I want to provide you with better progressions, tools, and technique. 


More importantly, I want you to see that the strength you manifest in the gym through strength training with empowering moves like chin-ups will directly correlate to the strength you manifest in your every day life. 



Listen, there are two types of people at the gym in my opinion. There are those who are fine with jumping on an elliptical or stairmaster and plugging away for 45+ minutes, day in and day out, doing the same routine over and over.


But then there’s people like you and me, who always want to push ourselves, who always want to get stronger and better, and who always want to see what our bodies are capable of doing.


And this is why #OverTheBar is the perfect fitness challenge for you! Let’s spice things up a bit!


Are you in?!



Just click the button below to join the #OverTheBar chin-up challenge! Upon entering your name and email address, you will receive a message to your inbox within 15 minutes that will have all the information and instructions you need to get started. If you have ANY questions, please do not hesitate to email me at [email protected]