Learn to Lift Academy

Become a confident weight room woman, and say hello to your leanest, strongest, and most empowered self. 



You know you need to lift weights in order to achieve a toned and lean physique, but when you get into the weight room, you wander around aimlessly, unsure of what to do.



You stick with cardio because it’s what you know. The equipment and machines in the weight room intimidate you!



You’ve been taking the same group exercise classes for years, and you feel like you’ve hit a fitness plateau



You’re nervous to use heavier weights because you don’t want to get bulky and you don’t want to hurt yourself.



You see other fit women in the weight room who seem to know exactly what they’re doing, and you wish you could be that kind of confident woman too



I’m here to tell you CAN be that woman and that you are NOT ALONE! 


I actually used to feel the exact same way about the weight room. 


In fact, I used to be a cardio queen myself, doing allllll the classes and spending HOURS on the elliptical in order to lose fat and “tone up.” 


The problem was that despite all the time I spent working out, I didn’t LOOK like I worked out! Ha! Cardio got me smaller, but I still looked a little soft and didn’t have any muscle definition.


Where was that mysterious tone everyone was talking about?


Why was I spending hours in the gym with nothing to show for it?


Once I became brave enough to go into the weight room, I realized there was a whole world of  fitness that lied ahead of me. One that not only required less time, but one that could actually get me to lean out and lose fat, one that could get me strong both physically and mentally, and one that could make me feel more empowered and confident than I had ever felt before



This is why I’ve created Learn to Lift Academy


Learn to Lift Academy is an 8-week program that will take you from weight room wanderer to weight room WHIZ.


It’s designed to break down everything you need to know about strength training, from how to use the equipment to what kind of warmup you should do to how many sets and reps of the exercises you should be doing. 


We’ll even cover how to deal with the grunting guys! ?


And yes, you can still continue to do your cardio. You’ll just know how to do it effectively and efficiently, and in a way that complements your strength training, instead of using it as the end all be all of your fitness regimen.



Learn to Lift Academy is for the empowered woman who is ready for her fitness to change in the most incredible ways.



With Learn to Lift Academy, you will:


?? Know exactly how to safely perform bigger lifts that feel intimidating and unattainable. We’ll break down the technique for deadlifts, squats, bench presses, chin-ups, hip thrusts, rows, pushups, lunges, and so much more. 


?? Understand how to create your own strength training workouts. By the end of the program, there will be no more guesswork about what exercises to group together and how. You’ll know how many sets and reps to do. You’ll know when to use a machine or when to skip it and use free weights instead. Your workouts will finally feel like they have some rhyme and reason!


?? Spend less time in the gym. You’ll know what exercises will get you the most bang for your buck so that you can get in, get out, and carry on with your busy life. We all have more important things to do! 


?? Reshape your body and look like you workout. With consistent strength training, you are going to lose fat and build muscle, achieving a lean physique. Imagine how amazing it will feel when you finally can look in the mirror, see a return on investment, and be proud of the work you’re putting in at the gym. 


?? Get strong! There is nothing quite like the exhilarating feeling of being able to pull yourself over a chin-up bar, deadlift your bodyweight from the floor, and press a barbell overhead. Your body will feel different, and you’ll love discovering what you’re capable of. 
?? Perform everyday activities with more ease. You’ll be noticeably less tired carrying groceries, picking up your kids, taking the stairs, or pulling things out of overhead cabinets. All the little aches and pains that you think are your norm will start to subside. 


The list goes on and on! Seriously, I could rattle off all the reasons I love strength training all day long. But there’s one that trumps them all.


Lifting will change your mind. 



When you get out of your comfort zone in the weight room, you get an inexplicable surge of confidence and begin carrying yourself differently both in and out of the gym. You’ll walk differently. Talk differently. Sit and stand differently. And people will notice! 


You won’t be afraid to try new things, and this will infiltrate into other areas of your life, whether it be career, personal development, or in your relationships. You won’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. You’ll develop mental toughness and handle challenges that come your way like a boss. 



You’ll be an unstoppable force to be reckoned with, really.


An empowered, strong, badass woman who wants to be MORE, not less!


Hi, I’m Allhealthsolution, certified personal trainer, wellness coach, and owner and founder of Achieve with Athena. 


And lifting has changed my life.


I look and feel strong, I’m comfortable in my own skin, and I feel awesome in (and out!) of my clothes.


I no longer go to the gym because I’m unhappy with my body. 


I lift because I love my body, and I love seeing what it is capable of. It’s incredibly freeing to focus on the weight I’m adding to the barbell instead of agonizing about a number on the scale. I am proud of what my body is able to do and how it keeps surprising me with its strength.


I’ve also taken leaps that I didn’t think possible before I started strength training: leaving my steady 9-5 gig, starting my own business, and traveling all over the country on retreats for female entrepreneurs where I barely knew anyone. I know that if I continued to play small in the gym, none of these things would have happened for me. I wouldn’t have trusted myself to leave my comfort zone.


One of the most rewarding parts of my job as a fitness coach is when my clients experience these changes for themselves. 


My job allows me to speak with women every single week who tell me they want to start strength training but are simply scared of being the newbie, they fear bulking up, and they just don’t know what to do in the weight room!


In the past two years alone, I’ve had the privilege of helping dozens and dozens of women learn the ins and outs of the weight room and see the benefits of strength training come alive. 


Here’s what some of my 1:1 clients have to say:


“I had been curious, but very intimidated by the weight room before I started training with Athena. In fact, I hired her specifically for the purpose of learning how to lifts weights and lift them safely. I quickly fell in love with the process… there is something so powerful about picking up heavy iron, especially as a woman, that is surprising. I was definitely intimidated going into the weight room myself on my days when I wasn’t training with Athena, but the more I went the more natural it became. I know it can feel really weird to just walk in there and not quite feel like you know what you’re doing, but discomfort can be a great thing.
Athena is a super supportive trainer and clearly knows her stuff. I trained with her for a little over a year and feel like I have a fantastic base to continue on my own. Weightlifting for me has brought about an immense increase in confidence, and I notice this in my daily life outside of the gym in the way I talk to people and present myself. I feel like a more powerful person in general. My running speed has also increased quite a bit, which was a nice unintended consequence because I hate running! I still run into instances where I’m not quite sure how something works in the weight room or I can’t find the right piece of equipment and feel a little silly, but honestly no one cares, and the guys are too busy grunting at themselves in the mirror to notice anything. Weight training is one of the best ways to feel like a badass, and more women should be in there!” -Susan


“Before I met Athena I was a pure cardio woman. Strength training to me meant doing a set or two of 15 biceps curls with 8 pound weights after getting off the treadmill. When I signed up for personal training with Athena, she gently introduced me to the wonders of the weight room. I was intimidated by all the metal, how to adjust the equipment, and the big weights. Athena quickly taught me the ins and outs of the gym, and I learned things like what weights I should use, proper stance and grip, and when it’s time for me to comfortably and safely increase the load.
Athena’s reassuring and knowledgeable approach made me feel at ease and willing to trust her. She never pushed me too hard or not enough. I walk out of every training session having tried a new move, sometimes a new weight, and always with a smile! The hour I spend with Athena is fun, challenging and empowering. Since I have been strength training, I no longer crave cardio sessions; I feel confident, stronger and in control of my mind and body. I am amazed at what I have accomplished and what lies ahead for me. I have become stronger both inside and out.” -Katherine


“I used to be very intimidated of the weight room. It always felt like the people in there knew exactly what they are doing and were REALLY strong. I felt embarrassed because I didn’t know how to navigate around the machines or even what to do for a workout. After training with Athena for a while, I definitely felt more comfortable being in the weight room. Athena taught me that you can do a lot with kettlebells and dumbbells, that I didn’t have to stand in line to use a machine, and that I had just as every right to be in there as everyone else. Soon, the squat rack and bench press didn’t feel as scary as I started using them. I was more confident and felt badass when I began lifting heavy. I really enjoy Athena’s style of training: she is very positive and encouraging, but at the same time she challenges me and pushes me to go above my limits.” -Karina




At my gym, I not only help introduce my 1:1 clients to the weight room, but I teach an entire class dedicated to it as well.


This class, called Learn To Lift, isn’t your typical group exercise class where women rush in to the studio, claim their five and eight pound pink dumbbells, and jump around for an hour. Nope! It’s held out in the weight room itself, and we go over how to use everything from how to put plates on a barbell to how to adjust the squat rack to how to ask someone if they are done using a piece of equipment. 


By the end of the 8 week training series, these girls go from being super timid to walking around like they own the place. They become addicted to the iron, and the weight room goes from what was once a scary and off-limits place to a place of community and support. It becomes a second home for many of them, honestly! 


Here’s what some of my Learn To Lift graduates have to say:


“Before taking Learn to Lift, I would occasionally venture into the weight room, unsure of exactly what I was doing, and stick strictly to dumbbells. I would do some of the moves I might have learned in a group ex class, but I didn’t really know what I should be doing when, how many, or in what order. I was always interested in trying barbells, but was much too intimidated. I didn’t know how to set them up or what to do with them. Plus, I was afraid people would look at me and immediately know I was the newbie.
Learn to Lift gave me the knowledge, which in turn gave me the confidence, to pick up those barbells. In the few short months since taking Learn to Lift, I’ve increased my squats from about 95lbs to 150lbs, my hip thrusts from 135lbs to over 200lbs, and my bench press from 70lbs to 115lbsAnd I have the muscle definition to prove it! I’ve had several people comment how good I’ve been looking in the last couple of months. Those kinds of strength gains, and of course the compliments, give me a sense of confidence both in and out of the weight room. Thanks Athena!” -Amanda


“Learn to Lift was one of the most fun and empowering exercise classes I have taken! I signed up because I had become bored with my gym routine and was looking for a change that would challenge me mentally and physically in new ways. Athena’s explanations of everything weight lifting were just what I needed to take the mystery and intimidation out of the weight room. Her encouragement increased my confidence to try new things and lift heavier weights. Until Learn to Lift, I had no idea that my body was even capable of doing something like deadlifting my bodyweight. Now, I feel completely comfortable going into the weight room, trying something new, and I get to do it all on my own time and am not dependent on the exercise class schedule.” -Erin


“I would easily say that my motivation to take the Learn to Lift class was realizing that lifting did not automatically mean I would develop body-building muscles. I was previously afraid of weightlifting because I was worried I would either hurt myself or become too bulky. However, I started seeing the physical changes in the women who had taken the class before me: they weren’t huge; they were toned and confident about using weights!
Signing up for Learn to Lift was the catalyst I needed to take charge of my workouts. I became comfortable with going a bit higher or doing a squat with a barbell on my back. The camaraderie developed between the group of women was amazing as well. We all wanted something a bit different from the class, and Athena was able to develop weekly workouts that helped us all achieve our individuals goals. I used to be hesitant to go to a gym and do my own lifting, but now I march confidently over to the landmine and get to work!!! -Kristen


After I started teaching Learn To Lift at the gym, I’ve had SO many women reach out to me asking for me to offer a program like this virtually, so here you have it! 



Yes, Athena! I am ready to change my mind and body, and I understand this is what I’ll get when I join Learn To Lift Academy:


  • The Weightlifting Welcome Packet with all your weight room resources housed in one centralized place. This includes your Weight Room Walkthrough, your Get Defined Lifting Lingo, an Etiquette Guide, and more!  


  • The Learn to Lift Academy video library with exercise demonstrations and modifications for every lift and exercise included in the program so that you’ll know exactly what to do once you get into the weight room. 


  • Weekly workouts to supplement the main lifting technique each week, so that once you learn you have the opportunity to practice and progress on your own! 


  • Access to The Lifting Lounge, a private Facebook group where you will have access to LIVE coaching videos and chats, the opportunity to upload pictures or videos of yourself for form cues, and the ability to ask all your weightlifting questions in a safe place.


  • Connection with your fellow strength sisters, women who feel just like you do – a little unsure, a little intimidated, but definitely ready for a change. You’ll all be in this journey together, rooting for each other and keeping each other accountable to get over to the weights and try each week’s exercises and workouts. 



Learn To Lift Academy is not a program where you just receive some how to videos, a few workouts, and then you are sent on your merry way, all alone. 



Nope! I actually created this program so that you can have the support and encouragement you need while getting out of your comfort zone and trying something new. 



Nobody wants to feel like the newbie. 



But we all have to start somewhere, don’t we? 



So you can continue to pay for your $49 per month gym membership, plug away on those cardio machines, and get $49 results.



You COULD also invest in some 1:1 personal training sessions for $60 MINIMUM per one single session.



Or, FOR A FRACTION OF THE PRICE, you can say YES to looking better, feeling better, conquering your fears, and GETTING STRONG by signing up for Learn To Lift Academy. 



You’ll get the same 1:1 attention that you would with a personal trainer, the coaching access in between sessions for questions, and all the other benefits of the program for 8 weeks




Yes! I want to invest in myself and join Learn To Lift Academy!



Upon signing up, you will receive an email to your inbox within a few minutes that will have a confirmation link and all the information you need to get started. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need access to a gym? What kind of equipment do I need? 
This program is designed for women who want to get comfortable in the weight room, so it is recommended you have access to a space that has a bench, dumbbells and/or kettlebells, barbells, a pulley/cable system (or a variety of bands), and medicine balls, whether this be in a commercial gym, condo gym, garage gym, etc. 



How many days a week should I expect to dedicate to Learn to Lift Academy? 
To get the optimal results from this program, you should expect to dedicate 2-4 days per week to working on both technique and/or doing the supplemental lifting workouts. 



Can I still do my other workouts like running, spin class, etc.? 
Absolutely. You’ll probably find that strength training helps you improve in the other activities that you already do and love! And I’ll be with you every step of the way to help you figure out how to best structure your week so that you aren’t overdoing it, can fit it all in, and get the results you want. 



What fitness level is Learn to Lift Academy for?
Because this is a customized program, Learn to Lift Academy is for ANY fitness level. As your coach, I will meet you wherever you are, whether it’s wanting to perfect barbell technique that you’ve dabbled in or whether you’ve never touched a set of dumbbells before. There is something for everyone, from beginner to more advanced, and as part of your Learn to Lift Welcome packet, you’ll have all the information you need to feel ready to go! 



What if I have an injury?
This is the beauty of customized programs! I will help you work around your injuries and provide any modifications needed in the Facebook group. 



How do I join!?
Just ! You can reserve your spot directly through Paypal. 
What happens once I purchase? 
Upon purchasing the program, you will receive an email from me at [email protected] with all the information you will need. If you do not see your email come in, please check your spam first! 



Any other questions? 
Feel free to email me at [email protected]!


Registration for the 2017 Learn to Lift Academy is currently closed. Please enter your name and email to be kept apprised of future Achieve with Athena programs and offerings.