Clean Up Your Cardio

What comes to mind when you hear the word cardio?

Running? The elliptical? Long and boring workouts?

There’s a lot of hype out there about cardio: whether it’s good or bad for you, what types of cardio you should be doing, how many a days a week you should be doing cardio as part of a balanced workout plan… the list goes on.

The idea that you actually DON’T have to do traditional cardio in order to lose body fat can be pretty foreign to many people. In my free Clean Up Your Cardio guide, I will explain why this is and provide you with the types of cardio I personally feel are the most effective for creating a lean physique. The guide will also include over fifteen sample workouts, all of which are designed to be short and sweet so you don’t have to spend hours in the gym on a machine.

Basically, the information included in the Clean Up Your Cardio guide is meant to help make your cardio conditioning FUN again! If you feel bored or drained with your current routine and want a little motivation to switch things up, this guide is for you. No cardio machines required! 😉

Here’s the rundown (no pun intended) on what the guide includes:

–> A personalized introduction from me

–> Descriptions of different types of cardio (steady state, interval training, metabolic conditioning)

–> Twenty sample workouts for you to try

–> Suggestions for how to structure a workout plan that works for YOU

Sound good? 

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