F&F Friday Favorites: 05.01.15

Oh hey, it’s me. The MIA girl. We have had a ton on our plate between wedding planning, apartment hunting, and Tim starting a new job. I’m happy to say we finally signed a lease this week though, so that is one less thing we have to worry about. How is apartment hunting seriously a full time job? Oy! I’ll have a full life update for you guys next week, just wanted to fill you in.

In the meantime, enjoy your Friday reads!

Friday Favorites


  • Three fun workout ideas in this one:
  • Try these:
  • Can’t wait to do this one:
  • This one’s on my radar:


  • Some tasty ones on here:
  • Cool:
  • For the vegetti fans:
  • Gimme:
  • I have no idea what to do with my amaranth. Maybe this?
  • Yum:
  • Ooo, another idea for collards:
  • This with a marg please:
  • Good for food prep:

Blogging and Social Media

  • For the business of blogging:
  • These are great:
  • So are these:

Self Image, Life, and Inspiration

  • I struggle with this every day:
  • Don’t push your passion over the edge:
  • This: 
  • Good read:

Readers, let’s chat! What was the best part of your week, and what’s up for the weekend?

Have a good one!