Valentine’s Day at the Gym 2014

In honor of Valentine’s Day tomorrow, I declared it Valentine’s week for both of my classes at the Y. As usual, I put together a Valentine’s Day playlist (a mix of pro and anti love songs).

Tuesday Night

On Tuesday, I tried telling my class that La Bouche was my very first CD ever, and not one person laughed. Am I getting old that none of my class goers have heard of La Bouche? Did NOBODY else own and love Ultimate Dance Party 1997? Ugh.

ANYWAYS, here is the first half of the workout that I put together for my Tuesday night class. I had everyone form a big circle around the room, facing in. Since we had a big group, I had every other person step forward so we actually had two circles (two groups). Here’s where I got REALLY dorky:


  • Cupid shuffles — just shuffling the feet in the direction stated
  • Heart squat jacks — regular squat jacks, but arms form a heart as you squat (squeezing fists)
  • Lunge and hugs — alternating reverse lunges, but you pretend to hug yourself as you step back (squeezing fists)
  • Heart crossed knee planks — pretty much the same thing as cross knee planks
  • Love handlers — side planks with hip dips
  • Kiss the ground pushups — downward dog pushups
  • Love bugs — triceps dips with alternating toe taps
  • Be mine burpees — the same as regular burpees, with yelling “Burpees, be mine!” optional (ha)
  • Heart crossed sit-ups — regular sit-ups with arms crossed over heart and hands on shoulders

That took about thirty minutes to go through, including the warm-up. If doing part one on your own, it would probably take less time, and doing it twice is definitely an option. For the second half of class, I divided people into groups of four. Two people jump roped for 60 seconds while the other two did medicine ball partner work, then they switched. Instructors, this is a nice way to divide people up if you don’t have enough equipment for everyone.

Here’s the run down of medicine ball partner work:

Finally, we finished with a few group exercises — hot potato in the groups of four, plank to high fives in the group of four, then hooked arm sit-ups in longer lines, and oblique hot potato in longer lines.

Here are some pics I snapped throughout class:

Look at how many people wore pink and red, even the guys!

I was excited to wear my “Love Fitness” shirt. Appropriate, right?

Liz and I brought in strawberries for everyone to take away as a little healthy Valentine’s Day treat. I snapped a pic during her Kickboxing class too:

I love my gym friends. They are just as dorky as me so much fun!

Thursday Morning

My 6am class totally got into the Valentine’s spirit this morning too! Tons of pink all around. I used the same playlist and taught a stations workout using different equipment and a lot of new moves:

Here are some pics from today:

I love this group. Best way to start the day!

You might think I go a little overboard, but you know what? Look how many SMILES you see in these pictures. Exercise is fun, people! Even at six in the morning.

–Let’s chat–
Has anyone done any Valentine’s themed workouts this week? What type of fitness do you LOVE the most? Tuesday and Thursday folks, what did you think of classes this week?

Don’t forget to participate in my if you aren’t already. There aren’t too many people joining in yet (sadface), but that means if you do take part you have a better chance at winning personal training from me. For those of you who have posted, thank you! I love seeing your healthy pics from the week. 🙂