Scenes from our Boston Saturday

Yesterday was such a beautiful day.  After waking up early to get our workouts in, Tim and I headed downtown to take advantage of the sunny weather.  It was one of those days we didn’t necessarily have any type of plan, which doesn’t happen often for this girl.  We found ourselves strolling through the common and the public gardens, enjoying an impromptu wine tasting, stopping by the seaport to relax and read for a while, walking along the entire harbor side, and finishing up with a splurge at the overlooking the water.  It was definitely an active day (we were moving around a lot!), but it was also a very relaxing one.  I felt thankful for my beautiful city and my relationship.  I really enjoyed wearing my new Toms too.  We finished the night with some beers and the Bruins game/blogging on our couch, and I went to bed feeling happy.  It was another great summer day.

How was your Saturday?  When was the last time an unplanned day ended up being such a great one?

I’m off to Newburyport for the day with my family to celebrate Chuck!  Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there.