Dear Friend,

Every time you get started in bed, all of a sudden you are ready to finish within minutes or even seconds.

Your body tenses up, your breathing gets heightened like someone who has just miraculously escape being eaten up by a lion let loose... and it's all over before it even began.

She looks up at you with a mixture and frustration... she gives you a pitiful "it's okay" but deep down, she really wishes you could last longer and give her the time of a life

You know it, she knows it, and you can see it in her eyes - premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction has just beaten you down to it!

Premature Ejaculation 'Kpalava' Once Humiliated & Earned Me 3 Failed Potential Relationships

Let's us be honest. Ejaculating prematurely while performing in bed with your woman is not only embarrassing but humiliating.

The shame of poor performance and the guilt feeling of not being man enough to make her reache single and or even multiple orgasms.

The "Arrrr it feels so good"! moment that 100% of every woman secretly crave for everytime during sex but won't openly tell you.

You also risk losing her to another man out there who has a much better rock solid bed stamina lasting a lot longer than you a 1-minute man during sex.

Just like you, I suffered from premature ejaculation right from my very first relationship.